DVR Systems

DVR Play Back

Put a vehicle DVR(digital video recording) system in your car and capture every moment on the road! These systems are great for evidence in the case of an accident, or to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments behind the wheel! Use these cameras to monitor your vehicle. Whether you are driving or have your car parked somewhere, you can rest assured that there is a camera in this category that will provide you with the best vehicle security possible.

Car DVR Systems

A Car DVR is a device that records video inside a car. This device is used to capture the images of the road while the car is being driven, usually to increase the protection of the driver in case of an accident against false claims or to identify the car whose drivers run from the accident scene.

tracking servers

We provide different category of the Tracking services which include Staline Sece Path, Starline Premium with great options and starline basic. Customer can choose the category of the package according to the budget.

secure path

This is the service provided by Dubai Police Authority with in their own server.


This service offers bunch of services which are having greatest features of its kind


This is one of the service which stick on to the budget line

super track

This our future plan for 3D tracking of devices yet to be released.

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