This download section gives the customer about the important updates and e-Brochures related to our products

Login Services

We operate in vast range of servers for different catetegy according to the requirement of the customer. Select the right login options for the fleet management and maintenance.

Improved Safety

Improved Safety. The safety of your drivers is no doubt a top priority for your organization.

Minimize Fuel Costs

The pefects fleet management will bring you greatest producticity thought the powerful utilisation of tracking servers

Geo Fencing

Cusomter can set limit the usage of vehicle to a particular boundary area using the fleet management system

Theft Revoery

In the case of theft or removal of bettary from the vehicle it will give alarm to the registered owner through the system


Our Fleet Managmeent servers can be used in any of the available platforms like Computer,Laptop or Mobile

Wide Network

We are are receiving the enourmous support from the Network providers our eSIM. So custome rwill get enhanced coverage throughout the country